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Some applications require a cover letter ('motivation letter'). This helps recruiters create a small yet meaningful threshold of effort. Many applicants mistake a cover letter as a mini-CV and replicate their resume, missing the opportunity to show their unique fit to the role.

A cover letter should not solely revolve around you. An ideal cover letter is a way to showcase your commercial way of thinking, why you're interested in this particular (1) employer (2) business unit (3) role, and why you believe you're a fit. It's a LOVE LETTER to a company, showing you're the right candidate and that you care. You wouldn't send a love letter to a significant other that's solely focused all on you, would you? 

Let me help you figure out how to write strong cover letters in general (and a cover letter for the role you're going after).


Writing a corporate love letter 



An up-to-date and ready to go cover letter for your next job application
New tools and insights on how to update each cover letter yourself in the future
Tips & tricks on online research for cover letters


1 letter for 1 application

Online research on industry, company, BU, role

Copywriting1 cover letter for a specific application, incl. key words 

175 Euro (incl. VAT)

3 applications + technique

Online research on industry, company, BU, role

Copywriting 2 cover letters for 2 specific applications, incl. key words 

Practical tips on how to adjust texts for each application yourself

Reviewing and copy-editing the 3rd cover letter together

275 Euro (incl. VAT)

A combination with the CV ENHANCEMENT and the LINKEDIN BOOST packages is possible for a total of 585 Euro (incl. VAT)

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