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You already have what it takes. 

Sometimes what you really need is a Springboard.


Whether you want to take the next step in your career, find something new, or make

a fresh start after a career break - you've come to the right place. I'll help you find your

strengths, tell your story effectively and go after your dream, whatever that may be.

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Business Meeting
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Nice to meet you. I'm Arina and I've been working since 2004 in different organizations across borders.


I've been a consultant in a BIG4 firm, a marketer in an insurance broker, a content writer in a startup, a columnist, a regional sales manager in a BioChem firm, a business owner, a copywriter, a sales manager in the world's largest law firm, and I may have forgotten a few other roles in previous lifetimes.


You name it - been there, done that, got a glimpse of the insides.

During my career adventures, I got a chance to sit on both sides of the table as an interviewer and interviewee, see the flaws in both the recruitment process and in applicants' approach, make my own mistakes, almost get burned-out, get rejected a million times, land a few amazing jobs, learn how to skilfully job hunt - and more. I've also immigrated twice in my life, learned languages from scratch, and gained lots of experience in adapting to change.

I've decided to share my unique knowledge and experience with the hopes of making the journey a bit easier for others - something I wish I had.

I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to professionalize their online presence. 


Arina is one of the most dedicated, thorough and insightful professionals I've ever worked with. We worked together on my LinkedIn profile and I got the whole package: an impressive profile that truly reflects who I am, technical explanations on how to work with LinkedIn and support throughout. 


She's really sharp.. Arina asks the right questions, deep-dives into the right spots with great sensitivity, and knows how to connect the dots to really tell my story. And most importantly - working together was FUN".

— Hadar Bismut, entrepreneur and business owner |


Get in touch for a 30-minute zoom call focused on your professional future. 
Free. No strings attached. 

Your privacy is important to me. I don't share information with employers or any third parties. The entire process is kept in confidence.  So.. drop me a line and let's see if I can help.

Thanks for reaching out. I'll get back to you ASAP.

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