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Hi, I'm Arina and I'm here to help people make the best out of their careers.  


What's my story?

Nice to meet you. I'm Arina and I've been working since 2004 in different organizations across borders.


I've been a consultant in a BIG4 firm, a marketer in an insurance broker, a content writer in a startup, a columnist, a regional sales manager in a BioChem firm, a business owner, a copywriter, a sales manager in the world's largest law firm, and I may have forgotten a few other roles in previous lifetimes.


You name it - been there, done that, got a glimpse of the insides.

Books On Shelf


Truly seeing people and giving them a space to be who they are, safely, without judgment. 


Delivering meticulous work, with an eye for detail and truly fit-for-purpose advice. 


Working to achieve tangible results with clear, concrete and actionable advice that clients can carry out on their own.


Uncovering insights as well as connecting seemingly loose dots to offer broad, holistic, and fresh perspectives.


Telling it like it is to help clients see their blindspots, challenge their insecurities, and offer a constructive way forward. 

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