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Here's what I can do to help you reignite your career (and feel fabulous about yourself doing it, too).


Telling your unique story 

Who are you and what's your story? A good CV is a short and sweet answer to that question, in a very specific context. Once a recruiter 'understands you', that's your first foot through the door. But sometimes it's difficult to write about yourself.


Some people find it challenging to distinguish their unique strengths from generic descriptions (have you ever met anyone that is not 'highly motivated' or 'dedicated' when it comes to a job?), or think that writing about their strengths is 'showing off' (I see you, ladies), or don't really know how to pinpoint what they bring to the table. Others forget to talk about tangible results, figures, and achievements. And some don't really know how to adjust their CVs for each application.

Let me help you with all of that.

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