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Finding your path if you hate your job, think about quitting, or if you just got fired

Do you want to make a move but you're not sure to which direction? Did you get fired and everything looks gloom? Are you not even certain what you want, what you like, and what's possible? Are you overwhelmed with doubt about yourself, anxiety about the future, or uncertainty about your current role? Are you low on energy, anxious to start your work week, and not feeling the spark anymore? (or maybe never felt a spark about your job?)

Feeling stuck once in a while is... normal. The human experience is complex and multifaced, with lots of challenging moments and intersections. Our careers sometimes need rejuvenation, a re-examination, and occasionally even a restart. Been there, done that, and it's much less scary than I thought. Now I'd like to help you, too.

Let me help you get unstuck and figure out just the one right next step. 

Image by Federico Lancellotti
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