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Bringing the best version of youself forward 

Whether in person or online, job interviews can be stressful. Many times people feel awkward when they think they need to 'sell' themselves, or are not really sure how to prepare for an interview (or tackle the more challenging questions they know will come).

In reality, a good interview is a conversation, not an interrogation. The goal of the interviewer is to figure out, in a short amount of time, if you're the right person for this role. But this is not merely an evaluation of technical skills. Being the 'right person for the role' means, amongst many other things:

  • Are you who you say you are in the CV?

  • Are you going to fit in the company / the team?

  • Will I personally enjoy working with you? 

  • Are you going to deliver on the promise?

  • Am I taking a huge risk with you or is this a safe bet?

Let me help you prepare for your next interview and help you reduce the concerns and questions in the interviewer's mind.

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A clear understanding of your value proposition, strengths and unique story, incl. a framework on how to approach interviews
New tools and insights on how to prepare for each interview, incl. adapting your narrative
Tips & tricks on successful interviewing, incl. how to manage difficult questions, behind the scenes of hiring, etc. 


Package #1: short preparation 

For that upcoming interview you have to get right

Package #2: in-depth preparation 

Learning how to interview well, once and for all

Prep work (90 min) 

Initial evaluation of CV

Overview 2 - 3 relevant roles

Initial view on personal branding

Discovery call (45 min)

Identifying goals

Uncovering key strengths 

Uncovering unique selling points 

CV rewriting and editing (3 - 4 hours)

Personal brand development

Copywriting and copy-editing, incl. key words

Practical tips on slightly adjusting texts for each application yourself

295 Euro (incl. VAT)

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