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Building your online presence 

LinkedIn has become THE premier career website for job seekers and headhunters, as well as for entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners. Having a great LinkedIn profile that tells your story is a fantastic way to enhance your resume (and spice it up with just the right amount of personal flair).


Your LinkedIn goes beyond being merely an online CV: it's an effective way to build your personal brand and promote your skills to current and future employers, colleagues, clients, friends, and other connections. It's also one of the first things interviewers look at.

Let me help you with making the best out of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn update


An up-to-date LinkedIn profile that you can also easily use to apply to jobs with
New tools and insights on how to update your LinkedIn yourself in the future
Tips & tricks on effectively using LinkedIn 


Prep work (45 min) 

Initial evaluation of CV and LinkedIn

Overview 2 - 3 relevant roles

Initial view on personal branding


Discovery call (45 min)

Identifying goals

Uncovering key strengths 

Uncovering unique selling points 

LinkedIn (re)writing and editing (3 - 4 hours)

Personal brand development

Copywriting and copy-editing, incl. key words

Practical tips on how to keep your profile up to date and get the most of it during employment 

295 Euro (incl. VAT)

A combination with the CV ENHANCEMENT  package is possible for a total of 465 Euro (incl. VAT)

Student discount: 35% on full price(s) as shown above. The discount is not valid for the combination package(s).

Discount will be given only for active students who can show a student ID card, or fresh graduates (graduated less than 6 months ago).

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